J.K. Lado Medalion Bass

A very nice Canadian made instrument.
J.K. Lado is in Lindsay, Ontario - near Toronto.
Active EMG Pickups deliver a clean versatile tone.
Used mostly for my Home Studio projects.

About the Builder

Joseph Kovacic was born in Croatia in 1945. After serving in the Croatian Army, he began training as a luthier at the Zagreb School of Guitar Making in Zagreb, Croatia, followed by two years additional training at Crossman Guitar Works in Vienna, Austria. Joe emigrated to Canada from Croatia in 1968 and began working for Turner Musical Instruments, a division of Gibson Guitars for two years, followed by a job with Hagström Guitars as an inspector for one year. In 1971, Joe began his own business called Joe's Strings from a basement shop on Gerrard Street, in Toronto, ON. In 1973, he formed Lado Musical Inc. and opened a retail shop on Kingston Road, in Toronto. In addition to building Lado Guitars, Lado had an exclusive repair contract with C.F. Martin Guitars for all of Canada. Today Joe runs a luthierie school in Lindsay Ontario.

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