Pedal Steel Guitars

My Favorite Instrument

1970 Emmons Steel Guitar

My Favorite Recording Axe.
Vintage Push-Pull Construction. Classic Country Tone to the Bone
Rosewood Finish, 3 Pedals, Four Knee Levers
"Cut-Tail" Style Changer, "Flat Back" Body Design.
Setup and Maintained Better Than New.


Late 90s Carter Steel Guitars

My Main Road Axes. Made in Texas.
Carter "Birdseye Green" Single Neck on Double Body - 4 Pedals, 5 Knee Levers, BCT
Carter "Birdseye Blue" Double Neck - 9 Pedals, 8 Knee Levers, BCT.

Backstage at Seneca

Ace Steels
The Blue Steel was Al Brisco's main axe for it's first four years.
It toured Europe, played the main stage of the ISGC several times,
and was featured on many recordings, including "All My Lovin" on the "Northern Steel" CD.

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